> About Us

Here's What We're About. was started in April 2009 in the foothills of Madison, Virginia 
as a free classified ads and community site. 

Designed for people needing a place to buy/sell items quickly and 
to post just about anything that they want their local communities to know.

We are constantly growing and changing with input from our community and users.

We are different in that we actively promote our users ads and interesting postings 
to the social networks for added exposure with no additional cost to the users.

With  the additional option of posting videos, users seems to love it with more 
features to come.

Our latest press release:

Thursday, May 13, 2010
A Free classified Ads Site that Allows You To Post Videos is a free classified site that offers free ads 
as well as video ads to clients.

"Our intention is to offer another avenue to promote products or services with videos."

Videos on can also be used for news events, promotions or anything the 
ad poster feels is necessary to get their point across."

With the popularity of videos on the internet, have strived to give 
their clients what they have been asking for. Posters can add embedded video links 
from youtube or other video sites.

Unlike other free classified sites, does not force ad posters to sign 
up before posting ads or comments. Visitors can post their ads with videos and 
pictures without signing up for an account. Which means they can remain anonymous. 
Its basically a one-step process to post an ad. tries to keep it simple 
and quick.

Posters can list unlimited ads with very few restrictions. There are only two categories 
with fees attached, Jobs and Small biz. This is to reduce spam and for the serious ad 
poster. Other fees are for featured ads and to extend an ad. But most posters just repost 
their ad once it expires. may not be the prettiest classified site, but it gives the ad poster a simple, 
quick, and an ease-of-use environment to post ads. is geared more for the market of classified ad posters that want to use video 
as an additional tool to promote themselves or their products.